This complex provides general aviation aircraft operators a full line of amenities on a self-serve basis.

The City of Kansas City, Missouri constructed 96 new units, including 12 box hangars with radiant floor heating. Included are 20 acres of support pavement, an "avgas" self-fueling station and an aircraft wash structure. Inquire about availability and pricing by email or call 816-859-7600.

The general aviation terminal provides amenities for pilot flight planning, showers, office and lounging. Hangar tenants and fueling customers have access to this facility free of charge.

To access the facility, use the passcode at the bottom of the fuel receipt or follow the directions as posted on the entrance door.

Self Fueling
Self-serve 100LL is available on the northwest side of the airfield. Payment is as easy as a credit card swipe. A code on the receipt will provide temporary access to the General Aviation Terminal.

Download the GA Complex Rules

Download a diagram of the GA Hangars